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Gaucho 1.1.0

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Gaucho developer

Gaucho 1.1.0 is here! Download

This is a minor release, with some bugs fixed and some quality of life improvements.

Key changes#

Copy Command
Now a task command can be copied directly from the context menu. Useful for running some commands outside of Gaucho without having to enter edit mode. By @aminaro.

Minor reorganization of settings menu
Check for updates option is now under Other section. Gaucho version is now available on settings. By @lucasrcdias Gaucho settings in 1.1.0

Bug with timer
A nasty bug in previous versions caused the timer to keep running when a task was manually stopped.

Other contributors on this release: @Kishore-abhimanyu and @adnanqazii.


  • Copy-command action in context menu
  • Check for updates option is now outside of Display section
  • Fixed problem with task timer not stopping
  • Fixed missing Setup build for windows
  • Updates disabled by default on dev mode
  • Some minor dependencies updated

Release notes