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Creating Tasks

Edit Mode#

To configure your tasks, you need to enter "Edit Mode" by clicking the Edit button on the to right corner.

Edit Button

Once in edit mode, the interface will change. While in edit mode you can perform the following actions:

  • Create Task: Click in "Add New Task" button. More info
  • Delete Task: Click on "Delete" button.
  • Update Task: Click on the task name and update its data.
  • Move Task: Click and drag the task handle on the left.

To exit "Edit Mode", click the Edit button again.

Edit Mode

Create a new task#

While in "Edit Mode", the button "Add New Task" will appear below existing tasks.

Add Task Button

Clicking it will display a form asking the task information. Only the name and command fields are required.

Add New Task Form

  • Name: A friendly name for the task (e.g. "Run Server").
  • Command: The command to run (e.g. "make").
  • Path: The path to run the command, (defaults to "/home").
  • Env Variables: Define env variables to run the task, check Env Variables for more details.

Check some tasks examples.