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Gaucho is only available for amd64bit systems, you may need to build Gaucho from source code if your system is not available

Before installing Gaucho, you will need to download a version suitable for your system.


There are several options available to install Gaucho in Linux systems:

  • A zip folder containing a binary file along with all the required files to execute directly in Linux systems
  • .deb file for Debian and Ubuntu systems. You can install the package using a suitable installer or running
    sudo apt install ./gaucho.deb
  • An AppImage file that can be executed directly or installed in multiple Linux systems
  • A .snap file for Ubuntu-based systems. If you plan on installing the snap version, please follow the instructions below.

Installing Snap#

Gaucho is published in the Snap Store and can be downloaded and installed directly from there.

Get it from the Snap Store

Alternatively it can be installed from the Ubuntu Store or using the terminal.

From the Ubuntu Store
Go to the Ubuntu Software Store and search for "Gaucho". Then click on "install".

Ubuntu Store Gaucho

Using Snap
You can install the snap version of Gaucho using the terminal instead:

snap install gaucho


You can run Gaucho directly as a portable gaucho.x.x.x.exe file, no installation required.

Alternatively, you can execute the installer gauchoSetup.x.x.x.exe. The installer will guide you through the process.


The compressed folder contains the standalone app to be executed or installed in mac. An invalid certificate warning may appear.