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This document details known errors and problems that may happen when building, running and testing Gaucho.

Using Gaucho#

Task fails with message: Error: spawn /bin/sh ENOENT#

  • Problem: When running a task, it fails with the message Error: spawn /bin/sh ENOENT.
  • Solution: This error message may appear when the path of the task is not valid (e.g. it does not exists or user does not have enough permissions).


Some problems that may happen while executing npm run dist:

Error while building deb: spawn icn2png#

  • Problem: While building, the process fails with the message Unhandled rejection Error: Exit code: ENOENT. spawn icns2png ENOENT
  • Solution: Install icnsutils and graphicsmagick

Error building rpm: Missing 'rpmbuild'#

  • Problem: Message Need executable 'rpmbuild' to convert dir to rpm while building with rpm
  • Solution: Install rpm package

Error with module rabin-bindings#

  • Problem: Error: The module '/home/andrew/Git/gaucho/node_modules/rabin-bindings/build/Release/rabin-bindings.node' was compiled against a different Node.js version
  • Solution: Remove node_modules folder and execute npm install

Error building pacman#

  • Problem: Trying to build for Pacman throws Error: Exit code: 1. Command failed
  • Solution: Install bsdtar package

Cannot check wine version#

  • Problem: While building for windows Error: Exit code: ENOENT. spawn wine ENOENT
  • Solution: If you are in Linux or Mac, install wine

Other building problems can be found documented in the official documentation of electron-builder

Running tests#

Problems that may appear while running the automatic tests

Test coverage problem in windows#

  • Problem: Message No coverage information was collected, exit without writing coverage information appears while trying to run npm test
  • Solution: Run istanbul cover node_modules/mocha/bin/_mocha -- -R spec instead

SyntaxError: Unexpected token#

  • Problem: Executing tests or running Gaucho will fail with an error SyntaxError: Unexpected token...
  • Solution: Make sure you are running Gaucho with a supported node version (8.9.3 or higher)