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Gaucho has some options and actions in the "Settings" menu; you can access this menu by clicking on the "Settings" option in the main main or the context menu.



In display options, you can customize Gaucho interface.

  • Bottom bar: Display the bottom bar with information about running and total tasks.
  • Show timer: Display each task execution time.


Gaucho has 3 themes to choose from:

  • Classic (default)
  • Light
  • Dark


You can create custom themes by following the instructions in Custom Themes and Rebuilding Gaucho.


The following section displays information about Gaucho.

  • Check for updates: Checks for a newer version of Gaucho on startup. If a newer version is available, an icon will appear on the navbar.



The following actions can be performed from the buttons in the "settings" menu:

  • Reset Settings to the default values.
  • Export/Import tasks and suites. Check Export Tasks for more details.
  • Clear Tasks. This will completely remove every task and suite you have in Gaucho.

Global environment variables#

You can configure global environment variables for all your tasks here. Variables defined on each task will have more priority than global variables.

Global Env Variables