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Tasks are grouped in Suites that allow you to organize your tasks and run them in a batch. Suites are always visible on the top bar as tabs:

Suites Tabs

You can change suites by selecting the tab. All running tasks will keep running when switching tabs.

Creating suites#

While in Edit Mode, a "+" tab will appear next to your suites. Clicking the "+" tab will create a new suite.

Add Suite Button


Gaucho supports up to 6 suites.

To rename a newly created suite, follow the instructions in Renaming suites

Delete a suite#

To delete a suite, and all its tasks:

  1. Go to Edit Mode.
  2. Select the suite you wish to delete.
  3. Click the "x" that appears in the selected suite tab. Delete Suite
  4. A dialog will appear asking you to confirm.

Alternatively, you can delete a suite at any time through the Context Menu.

Reordering suites#

While in Edit Mode, suite tabs can be dragged to reorder. Suites will keep the same tasks, only the order in the tabs will change.

Moving tasks between suites#

When moving tasks. If the task is moved to a tab of a different suite, it will be selected, allowing you to move tasks between suites.

Context Menu#

The context menu can be accessed by right-clicking in a suite tab. This menu has several context-specific actions for suites.

Suite Context Menu

Run/Stop suite#

The option "Run Suite" runs all the tasks in a suite. All tasks will begin concurrently. If a task is already running it will keep running, but it will not be relaunched.

Likewise, all the tasks in a suite can be stopped with the "Stop Suite" option. This will immediately stop any running tasks in the suite.


With the schedule option, all tasks in the suite can be scheduled to run simultaneously. Check Schedule Tasks for more info.

Renaming suites#

At any time, you can rename a suite:

  1. Right-click the suite tab to show the contextual menu.
  2. Select "Rename".
  3. In the new window, type the new name and click "Rename".
    Rename Suite Modal

Export suite#

Tasks in a suite can be exported to a .json file, as described here.

Duplicate suite#

Like tasks, suites can be duplicated; this will create a new suite with the same tasks as the previous one.